Shaft mounted helical

Benzlers F Fladgear

Product specifications

Feature Data
Sizes 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10
Power Up to 110 kW
Torque Up to 16,500 Nm output torque.
Gear ratios

From 5:1 to 100:1 and up to 5,600:1 in combination units.

Motor sizes IEC, from size 63 to 225
Special features Available in the ATEX version. Available with the KIBO® assembly system.

Benzlers Series F shaft mounted gear motors are a reliable, high performance transmission solution that offers a lot of Nm for the money.

The flat gearboxes provide a performance range up to 110 kW and 16,500 Nm output torque.

The gear housing is a robust cast iron design. The motor is a standard IEC motor that is mounted in a hole shaft with a composite bearing. This also reduces the stocking requirements and makes the product easy to source.

Use of the standard IEC motors provides access to a wide range of motor configurations, e.g. brake motors, motors with external cooling, very energy-efficient motors etc.  Furthermore, there are advantages for the end-user, since these standardised motors can be easily sourced all over the world.

The units are also available with torque arms, rubber torque bushings, output flanges, output shafts, KIBO® (the unique shaft assembly system from Benzlers), shrink discs mm.

The F gear is used in our SWIFT series, and it uses the same modular kits as, for example, our M helical gears and our K helical gears. The wide interchangeability of kits in this gear series reduces stock requirements and makes the series especially well-suited for distributors.

Can be supplied as double-, triple-, quadruple and quintuple gears in almost any version, e.g. flange mounted, mounted on feet, shaft mounted.

All housings are of cast iron.

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