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Back in 1988, Robert Sørensen designed the Bosted 22 turbine. The windmill produced 22kW and was designed as a frontrunner windmill.bosted-nacelle.jpg

Robert had extensive knowledge of wind technology and knew the Kuriant windmill very well. His strategy was to build a stable and reliable turbine that could last for many years. He selected Benzlers’ Sala gear, already at that time known for its fantastic durability.


   SALA gearbox for wind turbines

   Twenty years of operation

   Internationally acclaimed


A change in the local zoning law caused the windmill to be taken down in 2008. After 20 years of operation, it was still completely functional -- among other things, the gears, main bearings, the yaw system and brake unit were still the original parts.  There had never been a need to replace them.

Starting with this proven design, Solid Windpower designed their new 25KW turbine. Benzlers’ gearbox was, of course, chosen as the main drive unit, since it had proven its durability during the many years of operation.

Benzlers did this job with a modified SALA type "J" gearbox. The gearbox has been adapted to the task in several ways:  for example, the gears were of special highgrade material to reduce noise, there was a special set of bearings on the main axle and more.

With this design, yet another Danish industrial adventure was on its way, and the Solid Wind Power turbine is now going from one success to another on the international market

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