Modified gears in Denmark

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Because of our expertise in mechanical transmissions, we do customisations of our standard gear program on a daily basis so they can be used directly in the customer's application.
The picture shows such an example, where we have added different elements to our standard Sala industrial gearbox.

Special bearings on the output axle have been added to absorb more power and to deal with loads which are exceptional in this application. The input configuration has been changed by using a through drive shaft and a brake assembly flange.

In this case, we have also replaced the internal parts, the gear has been adapted to achieve a specific, exact ratio, and it was made in higher grade materials to reduce the noise level as much as possible.


   Easier installation

   Replacement of another brand


   Adapted for the task


Industrial gear units ready for assembly on the way to be painted, after which they will be sent to a Danish machine producer. We paint them in our standard blue colour, but it does not necessarily need to be that colour. We can paint any colour and with any grade of paint, according to the customer’s wishes and requirements.

All in all, this is a good example of how we, at Benzlers, are willing to go outside the catalogue and adapt our gear products to the task for which they are to be used.

We can also adapt our products to your application, see more about our Modified Standard concept here.
Our team of technicians and engineers is ready to give you a proposal that is tailored to your needs - this is what we mean when we say that we are experts in mechanical transmission.

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